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To Frog or Not to Frog: My Foray with Fingerless Mitts

In all honesty, I did make an effort, twice, to be eccentric.  Unfortunately, neither yarn worked the way I hoped it would.  I’m knitting something I need, and I’ve always found that when I’m on the hunt for a particular item, I tend to leave empty handed.  The same cannot be said for things I don’t need, which appear in abundance (yes, I’m looking right at you self-striping sock yarn). 
Fall has arrived on the east coast and the mornings are chilly, but not cold.  It’s a bit overkill to wear a puffy coat and mittens at this point.  But even with my coffee mug in hand as I walk the kids to the bus stop, I’m still cold and a pair of fingerless mitts would be enough, but not too much.  I have small wrists, so I knew getting the right fit would be a bit of a challenge.  I purchased some Quaere sport weight yarn in Tokyo Underground, but unfortunately, the density seemed more worsted, than sport.  After knitting up a swatch, it felt less, or actually more, than what I desired.  Great colo…

Resolving My Sanity: Why Knitting Socks Does Not an Eccentric Make

The first day of school.  New Year’s Day.  Spring.  Summer break.  The calendar, with its infinite periodicity, means  I resolve to re-resolve my resolutions.  Blogging is one these.  I wiled my summer away with sock after glorious, handknit sock. 
I have generously replenished my sock drawer with self-striping, variegated, and tonal knit footwear, but in the midst of this efficiency I've discovered one (negative?) externality: an exponential increase in the number of sock yarns I’ve curated hoarded in my home.

How could this happen?!  Because when I’m not knitting socks, I’m researching sock patterns, sock knitting techniques, and yes, different sock yarns. I've stumbled across stalked the Etsy, Big Cartel, and Ravelry Forums of several indie yarn dyers.I have tried to knit other non-sock projects this summer, but my attentions always returned to my size one needles and fingering weight yarn.
My husband has proclaimed my passion obsession with handknit socks as eccentric.  The