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Read. Write. Create.

With the last day of 2015 upon us, I’ve been taking stock of the past year, the things I’ve accomplished, and the things I haven’t.  While I’ve completed many handknits, they’ve lacked variety – almost all socks with a few hats thrown in for good measure.  

I’ve also quadrupled my stash of fingering weight yarn.I exceeded my goal of reading 15 books in 2015, finishing the year with 22.I’ve completed one picture book manuscript, but failed to query any editors or agents.
2015 has been a challenging year for me, personally and professionally.  While I have much to be grateful for, I find myself not entirely satisfied.  I’ve always said that I’m a work in progress, and 2016 will be a time to improve in a few areas and explore some I've yet to try. 
I’ve debated whether I want to make any resolutions in the new year.  And the one I keep coming back to is this: I will not participate in any KALs.  I know many knitters find KALs motivating and a way to knit down stash, but for me, the opp…