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A Flurry of FOs

There’s nothing I love more than when I have two FOs.  This week it’s a pair of socks and a book.  My new stripeys are January’s entry for the KAL I’m participating in.
I also cast on my mom’s belated birthday socks.With the Blizzard of 2016, I’ve had plenty of time to knit, so I’m hopeful I’ll have another FO to post next weekend.
Besides knitting, it’s been a DIY-kind-of week.  We tried a new cookie recipe from a new-to-me-blog.  Not only are they simple to make, but they are delicious.  We will definitely keep this recipe in our cookie-making rotation.
I also experimented with personalizing some ceramic coffee cups and cork journals.Stay tuned for future pics.
I destashed five skeins of yarn this week, but also added another stripey.  I love the juxtaposition of these colors: terracotta, dark grey, and soft teal.
I was tempted to add a few more STCW creations to the stash – I’m looking at you Lagoon Nebula and Atmosphere. But if I’m being honest with myself, both these colorways exist in…

The Club Craze: Self Striping Yarn Club

I have fallen off the fingering weight wagon...again.  Despite my self-imposed kibosh on all self-striping sock yarn, I joined a three-month sock yarn club this week.  I am choosing to characterize my slip up as stash enhancement because Quaere is one of my favorite indie dyers, and I stalk her Etsy store daily. 
Unlike other clubs I have participated in, where there is a blind reveal, she has opted to share inspiration photos.  Check these out.

Needless to say, I loved them ALL.  
I’ve found that yarn clubs can be a mixed bag.While I do enjoy the surprise and anticipation around club selections, I appreciate my need for control even more.It’s the reason I cannot knit fraternal socks or the polar opposite colorways that seem to be so popular.  My socks must match – from cuff to heel to toe.And knowing the colors that may inspire a club yarn makes the lump sum purchase easier to make since I know that I will love and use each selection.  No destash sales here.
So back on the wagon I go.  …

Back to Basics

The first week back after a long holiday is always the hardest.  I also find it’s where I tend to lose focus of my goals…and so it went this week for journaling and the yarn diet.  While I managed to journal four nights in a row, I missed three by week’s end. 
I also fell off the destash wagon visiting a charming LYS seven minutes from a conference I was attending for work.  I don’t feel as badly about that relapse since I bought a non-fingering weight yarn in a 100% marled alpaca.  They also had some knitting notions that I’ve only seen online – bamboo chunky circs and a Knit Kit.

But how to explain the sock yarn purchase?FOMA (fear of missing out).One of my favorite dyers posted a 24-hour- only skein to celebrate her 6,000th sale on Etsy.Those exclusive speckles did me in.

This week has shown me that it’s easy to get off track, so before I go too far off the rails, I thought I would try something new to keep me organized – a weekly check in.

Hope you’re having a better week keeping you…


My last FO of 2015 was a pair of socks in the colorway Shades of Portland that I purchased from another Raveler’s stash.  They knit up in less than a week, and how I love the pastel hues, especially that mint green strip.
But three days into the new year and I’ve broken my resolution to go KAL-free.As I set about tidying the house, I felt shamed by all the yarn staring back at me.If I could just make one basket disappear….
So in reading through a few message boards I found a KAL that requires one pair of socks per month.That seems more manageable than last year’s 15 in 15, plus I can still work on expanding the knitting repertoire.  Instead of 2016 being KAL-free, I’ve decided, in the name of stash-busting, to go KAL-lite.Here’s my January skein in the colorway Horse of a Different Color.