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Socked Out On Knitting

February began with such promise.  I cast on my Isle of Skye socks.  Week one: first sock complete.  Then a nasty case of second sock syndrome struck.  I couldn’t get past the cuff.  I’m not sure how, but I managed to finish the second sock this weekend.  But with ten more pairs to knit, I question my resolve to complete the KAL.
To stave off SSS, my March socks will not have stripes, nor will they be stockinette.I’m scouring my stash for a speckled skein or a sturdy semi-solid.
I’m also casting on a non-sock project.  Before the holidays, I signed up for Indie Untangled’s Where We Knit yarn club.  The first shipment, Drops of Honey, arrived in my mail box.  It. Is. Stunning!  

I’ve not knit many shawls, but the golden honey hue is versatile, and the pattern seems to satisfy my “set and forget” knitting style.Concentration need not apply.So between now and next weekend, I hope to luxuriate in this silky merino confection.

Fastnachts and New Socks: Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

I can’t believe tomorrow’s Fat Tuesday!  Growing up in Pennsylvania, we celebrated with fastnachts.  The public schools feted Doughnut Day.  Every school lunch included a powdered doughnut. 
I know times have changed.  The emphasis is on fruit and healthy snacks.  But some traditions, including the Pennsylvania Dutch fastnacht, are worth continuing. 
Our family recipe requires a full day of mixing, kneading, rising, punching, rolling, cutting, (more) rising, and finally, frying.  It’s a true labor of love, and the results are gluttonous.  This year’s yield: 99 doughnuts!

The only thing that could make baking with my family even better is knitting.So while we waited for the dough to rise, I dug out this skein from my stash.

Since acquiring this yarn, my plan has been to knit Mardi Gras socks, but each year, I fail to cast on.Not this year.I have one cuff knit.While they won’t be finished tomorrow, I’m a monogamous knitter so I know they’ll be complete by month’s end.I look forward to we…

GoT Yarn?

I was never the cool kid growing up – a jenny-come-lately.  So it’s no surprise that my DVR list is a bit light.  No "it" shows are in the queue.  Downton Abby?  Nope.  Breaking Bad?  Missed it.  House of Cards?  Natch.   Walking Dead.  Nada. 
And Game of Thrones?  It shares the same fate as the character, Jon Snow.  But even though I’m not watching hit shows, I knit with yarn inspired by them…that should count for something, right?    And so it goes with these bad boys:
These are being gifted to my mom for a belated birthday gift.

Until next week, bon tricot!