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2017 Knitting Goals

I’m a creature of habit.  I eat the same thing for breakfast, the same thing for lunch.  I drive the same way to work.  I exercise the same time every day.  Trying new things does not come easily to me.  My FO project page confirms it: socks, socks, and more socks.  Despite it being April, I’ve created a knitting bucket list with the hope of pushing myself outside my comfort zone.
Knit my kitsKnit a toyComplete a sweaterKnit something for the house – blanketKnit something lace weightKnit holiday ornamentsUse a gradient cakeKnit a set of mittens and a pair fingerless mittsCast on and off my longest queued Ravelry projectUse a mini skeins set
So in that vain, I will be casting on a Velveteen Rabbit using this DK striping yarn!  Bon tricot!