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Outlander Sockhead Hat

So in keeping with my school year resolution, I cast on for my first Sockhead using a limited edition color of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Fraser.  

I love the color orange and I debated whether or not to knit up a pair of socks or cast on for something else, and I don’t know why, but a hat using yarn named after Jamie seemed most appealing.  I’m a late arrival to Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and when I saw all the publicity for the Starz television show this summer, I knew I had to check out the book.  I was not disappointed. 
This is my first time making a hat with fingering weight yarn, so my patience and WIP commitment is being tested.  Plus, I’m a bit unsure over the fit.  I’ve read through a lot of modifications on Ravelry and I’ve cast on fewer stitches as well and have knit only 2 ¾ of the ribbing instead of 4.  I will probably shorten the body of the hat from 9 to 6 inches too.  
I have a really small head – so much so that I’ve been known to purchase children’s hats be…

Think Pink Socks

I started these socks with my recipient in mind: my mom.  She requested a special pair to wear for a competitive 5K walk.  I ordered this particular skein from SimplySock Yarn Company, and I believe it was a limited edition to celebrate the store’s anniversary.

Given the walk is to raise awareness and funding for breast cancer research, I thought these would be appropriate.But after I finished the cuff, I realized that the best way to show alternating stripes was to use a vanilla, stockinette stitch.  Unfortunately, my mom has freakishly small ankles.Stockinette socks slide down her feet, despite casting on fewer stitches, using size 0 needles, or any other type of modification.So these puppies will be worn on my doggies.  I love how the pink and brown pair together.  
Although I must confess: in terms of anniversary yarns, I really liked SSYC's 2014 anniversary concoction.  This yarn was dyed by TurtlePurl Yarns, and I used the Fruit Stripe Gum pattern.

I never used striping yarn th…